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Ultimate Braai Master

Ultimate Braai Master: How To Be One & Stay One

Being the master of the braai means knowing your stuff in front of the fire and behind the scenes. It’s about more than just putting together the hottest grill and marinades, as braaing has become more of a culture than a mere pastime in South Africa. But, how do you become the ultimate braai master in the land of the experts? In this article, we will look at some tips to take the everyday braai experience to the next level – the ultimate equipment, meat prep tips and different braai techniques. 

First Things First, Meet The Meat

What you’ll be braaing is one of the most important things. Luckily, you can braai anything, from prawns to fish, even some fruit and vegetables too. If you are a new braai enthusiast, you might want to start with the basic three: wors, steak and lamb. While the three are different and braai at different levels, this is good practice for braaing as the three offer range. Plus, you can always make them how each person likes them, and we all know everyone loves a personal touch, especially with their food. To practice, buy small yet class-A meat that’ll cook to your desired taste and help you get better at this skill. If you are braaing for someone who enjoys chicken, fish and vegetables, chicken is an easy start, and a pro-tip is to par-cook it before putting it on the braai to get a smokey exterior and a mouthwatering cooked interior. Fish is also becoming a braai favourite, with fish sausages being introduced in South Africa. Vegetables are generally easy to braai, and you can spice them up to add some South African flair to it. 

Tools Maketh The Braai Master

So you’ve got your meat and are now ready to get your equipment. Whether you are using a coal or gas braai, one of the most important things you need to remember is to go for one that offers you the most convenience. If you are braaing for guests, you don’t need to be stuck at the braai stand cleaning it up and making sure that no residue is left to stick onto it, so go for the kind of braai that will offer you things like a tray to collect the ash so you can don’t have to clean immediately. 

Also, it is said by other ultimate braai masters that the trick is in the tongs. Invest in a proper set of tongs as that will be your partner, hand in hand, when creating amazing braai combos for your people to enjoy. If you are on the market for a new braai, then there are lots of gas braais for sale to choose from. We also have a wide range of kettle braais and even grills from Weber and other brands. 

Let’s Get Cooking

One of South Africa’s famous ultimate braai masters, Gareth ‘BraaiBoy’ Daniell, says when braaing: 

“…Firstly, don’t feel like you need to spice or marinate meat too much – often just plain salt and pepper does the trick. If you do use a marinade though, rather baste (paint it on) during cooking toward the end of the braai session to prevent sauces that are high in sugar or tomatoes from burning. And if you are going to spice, do so while you’re braaing on the second- or third-last turn, or rub it in at least an hour before you braai. The reason for this is that salt draws out moisture, so you need to give the meat sufficient time to reabsorb it (so that it’s not dry and tough).”

Once you have mastered the spicing, gathered your tools and prepped your ingredients, what’s going to stop you from making amazing smoked and grilled goodness? Nothing. 

Final Thoughts

Remember to enjoy the braai experience for what it is. In a country that enjoys this ritual, it is evident that it is more than cooking. It’s a celebratory moment or gathering with loved ones over great South African dishes that will melt hearts and tummies. So, make your next braai get-together special by browsing eHome online to shop the perfect braai and outdoor patio furniture to complement the whole experience. We have everything you need, from grills to chairs, couches to patio umbrellas, so browse and see what we have on offer. Plus, score on FREE delivery and prices we can match with any retail store. Let’s get you braaing…

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