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Keeping Your Fridge Fresh

Tips For Keeping Your Fridge Fresh

No matter what season we are in, our fridges play an important role in ensuring that we have fresh enough food. And when the summer season is in full swing, your refrigerator may be needing a spring clean to make way for the season’s fruits and vegetables and all your cold beverages and meats. In this article, we will look at ways you can keep your fridge fresh in order to keep your contents fresh too, the importance of a clean and fresh fridge and the new innovations in some refrigerators today that are designed with the user in mind. 

What’s Cool? Modern-Day Technology

Refrigerators today are more than just about keeping your contents cool. There are new add-ons that make your life easier beyond the buying experience. We know a refrigerator is a necessity in your home, and a functional one is even better. Here are some of the latest technologies from some of our fridges and the conveniences they offer: 

VitaFresh XXL: This is found in most of our integrated fridge freezers and is designed to keep your food fresh for longer, saving you money too. Plus, an assisted MultiAirflow System causes gentle, even currents of cold air to emerge at all levels of the chilling and freezing area. Temperature fluctuations are minimised and cooling times reduced – which helps your foods retain their integrity for longer. 

Home Connect: With this, you get to access your refrigerator from your mobile device wherever you are. Imagine the convenience of being at a store and suddenly thinking of picking up a few things you need at home, so you do a quick check in the fridge to see what needs refilling. Truly convenient. 

Storage Guide: Yes, a refrigerator that helps you store contents in a neat and orderly way, plus gives you ideal storage temperature information. 

Speaking of storage, now let’s take a look at how you can make your fridge cleaner, neater and keep your food fresh for longer. 

All Your… In One Basket

Storing contents in your refrigerator is not hard if you have created a system where you organise your items and place each category in a basket that can fit in the fridge. Unbag your food, as keeping it in bags can make it lose its freshness sooner. Invest in baskets and plastic tubs to help organise your refrigerator better. It is also important to clear the clutter regularly. If there are items in the refrigerator that can survive even on the shelf or cupboard, then they can be taken out in order to make more space in your fridge. Another pro-tip to keep your fridge clean is to use a paper liner to help in case of a drip or spillage. This will be easier to take out and dispose of than having the stain inside your fridge. 

A Few No-Nos

We all fall into the trap of putting any kind of container in our refrigerators because of the food we’re consuming. We won’t judge; however, we come bearing tips on how you can start treating your machine. Always try not to have plates, pots and cups in the fridge as this will reduce the chance of spills and a potential mess. Invest in some plastic containers that will also help keep your food fresh for long. 

Left-Over Location

Regularly assess your fridge to check if there are any leftovers that may have been there longer than they should. Check if they are still edible, and if they are, you might want to eat them soon, and if they aren’t good anymore, then you can definitely throw them out and create more space in your refrigerator. 

Invest In Convenience

As mentioned before, today’s refrigerators are advanced, so if you are on the market for something new and improved that offers you convenience, then we have a range of options for you. From built-in fridges to fridge-freezer combos and anything in between, eHome has the perfect Bosch home appliances for you, and from other leading brands like Samsung, Defy and Smeg. Browse online and score FREE delivery on top of our affordable appliances. So affordable, we will match any retail price. Let’s give you your dream home. 

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