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The best technology to entertain your guests (and yourself)

It’s 2018 and long gone are the days where all you need to entertain guests is a delicious meal, a good bottle of wine and a record player. With smart technology increasingly being integrated into the home, you now have the opportunity to impress and entertain your guests in an entirely new way. And this means that if you want to offer your friends, colleagues or family members an experience to remember, you’re going to need to invest in the best home entertainment technology.  

Of course, with so many entertainment technology options out there, you’ll need to have an idea of where to start. The following four gadgets are perfect for almost any occasion or event you may want to host.  

Home theatre speaker system

A home theatre speaker system is an absolute must when it comes to entertainment technology. Mostly because it serves more than one purpose to suit more than one occasion. A home theatre system is perfect for gathering your friends to watch a big sports game, hosting an award show viewing party or simply having a few people over to watch a classic movie or new television series.  

When looking for a home theatre speaker, you’ll definitely want something which ensures that every viewer has the same audio experience. With a product like the Harman/Kardon 60W 5.1 Home Theatre Speaker System, the four two-way satellite speakers with dome tweeters ensure that you can truly hear the crisp highs of the audio, as well as the deep lows. And when it comes to the 60-watt down-firing subwoofer, you’ll have everything you need to fully enjoy your cinematic experience with its volume, crossover and phase controls. If you need any more impressive specs, this home theatre speaker system comes with a voice-matched, dual-driver centre speaker, giving you excellent wraparound sound.

A smart TV

What is the point of having a state-of-the-art audio experience if you don’t have the television to match it? And a smart TV offers you everything you could want in a television. In basic terms, smart TVs are connected to the internet via built-in Wi-Fi or a wired Ethernet connection, which means that you can stream series, movies, sports matches and the list goes on. This means that you and your guests can stream the rugby finals or even rent a movie instantly via your TV.   

Smart TVs can also connect to other devices, such as your laptop, smartphone or tablet. This means that you can view content from a small screen on a much larger screen, which is perfect for when you want to show your guests those photographs you took on your recent overseas trip. If the best is what you want, browse our selection of TV’s for sale.

There are also various apps which have been developed for these TVs specifically and the list of what is available is constantly being added to as time goes by. Through these entertainment apps, you can play music to get your guests on their feet and dancing, so your smart TV can quickly turn into a music player whenever you need it to. And you can connect it to your Harman/Kardon Home Theatre System to ensure you also have the perfect sound.   

Bluetooth speaker system for your home

CD players are a thing of the past. And so are wires connecting your music player of choice to your speakers. Bluetooth speakers are neat, simple and easy to connect to your devices. They’re also known for good sound quality, especially the Bluetooth speakers from Harman/Kardon, which are easily available in South Africa via eHome. If you choose portable Bluetooth speakers for your home, you can bring the music to your guests instead of having to take your guests to where the music is, allowing you to relax where you all feel most comfortable.

Another reason why Bluetooth speakers are perfect for hosting guests is that they can connect to their devices as well as yours. This means that if your guest wants to play a particular song, you won’t have to listen to it on their cellphone or tablet and can instead enjoy the music with the high-quality sound of a Bluetooth speaker.

Wine cooler

Whether you’re having your friends over to watch the long-awaited season finale of a TV show or are simply hosting an afternoon catch-up session, you’re definitely going to need some wine. And that’s where having a stylish and high-quality wine cooler becomes helpful. After all, there never seems to be enough space in the fridge for more than one or two bottles of wine at a time and your guests may have different preferences when it comes to wine. A wine cooler allows you to store all your favourite wines and keep them chilled for whenever you need one, which comes in handy when a friend pops by unannounced. The best part? You can keep it in the room you use to entertain guests. No more having to run to the kitchen every time someone needs a refill.

Of course, to suit your beautiful home, you’re going to need a stylish wine fridge and when it comes to style,  Smeg appliances, like the Classic Stainless Steel Compact Smeg Wine Cooler has lots of it. It’s small enough to not take up to much space (or attention) in a room, and yet it can hold up to 18 bottles. And then there’s the convenient touch control display which you can use to adjust the electronic temperature zone from 5 to 20 degrees. The LED lighting also ensures that you always get to the exact wine you’re looking for, without being so bright it affects your eyes while you locate the bottle.