La-Z-Boy Owen
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La-Z-Boy Owen


You can be sure that you are buying a genuine La-Z-Boy Rocker Recliner when you see the famous Comfort Selector (handle) on the side of the chair.  The Comfort Selector enables you to choose the footrest level you desire

– Choice of either stainless steel or wood finish comfort selector (release handle)

Product description

A chair can be so much more, it can offer you comfort and support, especially if it is a recliner. A recliner allows you to lie back at the perfect angle while still supporting your body and can add an element of panache and elegance to a room.

La-Z-Boy offers a wide range of options and their Owen model is one of the more popular choices. It is available in a warm brown leather and the comfort selector can be finished in either wood or stainless steel. This neutral recliner would look fabulous in a minimalist office or even right at home in a modern lounge. With its soft padding and luxurious leather upper, you will be able to spend hours relaxing in your new favourite chair.

Buying a La-Z-Boy recliner from eHome will provide you with both comfort and style for years to come.


Width   1020mm
Height 1060mm
Depth 1100mm 
Extension 1760mm
Upholstery Leather

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

Technical Specifications

The OWEN Rocker Recliner has the following upholstery cover choices:


  Leather Uppers

  Full Leather

Dimensions (HxWxD):

 1060 x 1020 x 1100mm

 Full Extension at 1760mm

Manufacturer: China
Noise Level: N/A
Electricity Consumption: A