Miele Scout Robot Vacuum Cleaner Black RX1
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Miele Scout Robot Vacuum Cleaner Black RX1


– Robot vacuum cleaner with optimum cleaning performance, fully automatically.

Smart Navigation for cleaning difficult to reach areas 

– Sleeping, brushing and vacuuming with the Triple Cleaning System

– Extremely long battery life – Non-Stop Power

– Furniture protected by Furniture Protection Technology

– Cleaning right into the corners – Advanced Corner Cleaning


Product description

Using a vacuum cleaner is one of the best ways to clean your floors, but it can be a daunting and difficult task. This is where a robotic vacuum cleaner can come in very handy. It may sound like something out of a film or science fiction story, but these endearing little machines are available from eHome.

The Miele Scout robot vacuum cleaner may be small, but it offers suction power to rival other cylinder models. It is packed with features such as smart navigation functions, four cleaning programmes, and an AirClean filter. It is controlled by remote, making it easy to clean your house while relaxing on your couch sipping on wine or reading a book. This appliance is able to clean for hours and has an easy-to-use system for choosing the different cleaning programmes.

If you love having clean floors but hate the effort that goes into them, this robot vacuum cleaner is the perfect choice.


  • Advanced corner cleaning
  • Smart navigation
  • Triple cleaning system
  • Timer
  • AirClean filter
  • Slimline design
  • Furniture protection technology
  • Non-stop power
  • Li-Ion Battery
  • 120min charging time
  • Four unique cleaning modes Spot mode, corner mode, turbo mode, auto mode
  • Long battery life
  • Furniture protection technology
  • Indoor Positioning System  
  • 4 Cleaning programmes
  • Smart Navigation
Better view – better cleaning

Intelligent travel: With its reliable navigation system, rooms are thoroughly cleaned even in corners.

Advanced Corner Cleaning

Stronger than the dust: The Scout RX1 reliably finds every corner and cleans it of dust and dirt.

Triple Cleaning System

Sweeps, brushes and vacuums: Thanks to a Triple Cleaning System, Scout RX1 thoroughly removes dust & dirt


Independently clean: The Scout RX1 cleans your home whenever you want – even when no one is at home.

Furniture Protection Technology

Moves about without accidents: The RX1 recognises furniture, stairs and obstacles – avoids collisions or falls.

Non-Stop Power

It can be used for longer, for greater cleanliness: Because it runs for longer it is perfect for large rooms.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

Technical Specifications

Product details - Scout RX1 

Construction type 
Robot vacuum cleaner
Product brand
Scout RX1
Product type
Cleaning system
Advanced Corner Cleaning
Non-Stop Power
Furniture Protection Technology
Cleaning area in m²
Operating time in min.
Recharging time in min.
Climbable carpet height in mm
User convenience 
Cleaning programmes
Auto mode
Spot mode
Corner mode
Turbo mode
Manual cleaning
Timer programming
Climbable carpet height in mm