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For those who like to go all out with everything, from their home theatre systems to their decor choices, the eHome selection of 65”+ televisions is the ideal choice for you.

These larger televisions from Samsung are forerunners in home entertainment technology, and have impressive features such as HDR 1000, an innovation which introduces dynamic brightness to images, Ultra Black to enhance contrast and preserves deep blacks and colour richness in a brightly lit room, and a no burn-in guarantee.

eHome understands that in today’s modern world, watching television is more than something you do on a lazy afternoon. It has become a fully immersive experience, with colour enhancing and depth improving features so you will feel as though you are in the film or TV series yourself.

If you are concerned about such an impressively sized television taking up space in your lounge or entertainment centre, you will be pleased to note that you are able to mount these models on your wall at optimal viewing height, freeing up more floor and seating space.

A 65” television is perfectly suited to an ultra-modern lounge, as they are the epitome of viewing pleasure and with their slim, sleek appearance, they will fit seamlessly into any colour scheme or decor choice. For a Zen, minimalist home theatre that still embraces technology, you will not go wrong with one of these televisions.

We offer both curved and flat televisions, and no matter which model you choose you will be highly impressed with the visual experience. You can spend an evening relaxing with the family, enjoying an immersive film marathon, or download a game app from the Smart TV’s app selection and have a modern game night.

Another perk of choosing a television from eHome’s selection is that many of the models require only one remote control. You will not have to learn how to use different remote controls for the different connected devices, as Samsung has created a device that can control each one that is connected to the television.

With auto-detection of devices, you will no longer have to wait for a storage device to be detected or to be shown on the screen. Watch films, listen to music or view photographs almost instantly, making home entertainment easier and more enjoyable.
If you are looking for the ultimate viewing experience, and are not afraid of going big, choose from eHome’s 65”+ television selection and bring the cinema to your home.