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A home theatre does not have to be small or simple. It can be as big and as flamboyant as you want it to be. eHome stocks 49” to 55” Samsung televisions that are perfect for those who are planning on going all out for their home entertainment.

The options we offer include the wildly popular curved Smart TV from Samsung. These curved televisions provide the ultimate viewing pleasure, with an extremely high-definition image quality. Because they are curved, you will experience immersive viewing like never before. If you think going to the cinema was an experience, wait until you watch a film on one of these televisions.

The 55” option eHome has available includes the PurColour feature, one of the aspects that has made these curved televisions so popular. The PurColour feature displays natural colours on the televisions with more accuracy than normal televisions.

Our 49” to 55” options are all Full HD, and have USB connectability. You can invite friends over for a movie marathon night without having to worry about having enough DVDs to suit everyone’s taste – simply insert your USB or HDD and queue up a choice of films for a night of unrivalled home theatre entertainment.

If your lounge or entertainment area has a certain aesthetic that you would like to remain true to, these televisions are sure to match any interior design style. The options available from eHome all include sturdy and durable wall mounts, which allow you to mount the television at the perfect height for an impressive viewing experience. This is also ideal for lounges or entertainment areas which do not have television stands due to space or aesthetics.

For those who want their televisions to do more than simply play films or display photos, we provide a 55” Smart TV unit. With a Smart TV, you are able to stream movies, download apps and browse the web on your television, provided you have WiFi connectivity. This model is the perfect choice for families who have children who enjoy playing online games – and parents who do not want their cell phones or tablets to be damaged by their little ones.

A large television will suit a larger household, as it allows for better viewing for all members of the family, meaning that nobody is left wondering what is happening on the screen. Choose from eHome’s selection of televisions and treat yourself to a home theatre experience that is second to none.