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A television can often be overlooked as being a simple entertainment device, but with the innovation of brands such as Samsung, the television has become the powerhouse of the home entertainment system.

eHome stocks Samsung Smart TVs in a 40” option, which are ideal for those looking for a high-quality television screen that will not take over the entire room. The 40” Smart TV offers an extra level of entertainment, allowing you to connect to the internet via WiFi to browse for YouTube videos, use recipe or sports apps and even stream videos.

These televisions from Samsung connect to mobile devices or other Samsung wearables, and these can be used as controllers and the syncing ability means that you can use your favourite apps from your phone on your television.

A full flat television screen is ideal for living rooms or lounges which have an uncluttered, seamless aesthetic. These televisions can be installed flush against the wall with wall mounts, to save space and for an ultra-modern look, or they can be placed on a television stand that matches your furniture.

For those who are looking for a larger option for the ultimate viewing experience, eHome also stocks 48” television screens. These are ideal if you have a larger household to accommodate on movie nights, as a bigger screen is easier to watch and see for bigger parties.

A home cinema needs the perfect visual component to replicate that cinema experience, and with our options, you will be spoiled for choice. You can create movie nights that feel so authentic, your friends will wonder why they ever needed to go to a movie theatre before.

Samsung’s Wide Colour Enhancer is another perk of owning one of the options available from eHome. This feature uses a picture quality enhancement program to improve the quality of any image, making colours crystal clear and more defined. If you are someone who appreciates the finer things in life, this is the ideal feature for your discerning taste.

Our 40” to 48” televisions will also please little ones who enjoy spending time watching cartoons and fun educational programs, as they will be able to better see the screen in order to sing along to those not-at-all-annoying children’s songs.

No longer is a television a simple device for watching shows during your downtime, it can be used for functions that were not even imaginable when the very first television was created in the 1920s.