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What is a home cinema system without the perfect sound? If you have all the visual components, you will need to have audio components that are on par for the ultimate home cinema experience.

eHome stocks the perfect sound accessories that are sure to surprise and delight anyone who enjoys crisp, clear sound. Not only do we have elegant speakers, we also stock Stereo Receiver + FM Tuner combinations.

These effective little devices allow you to tune into radio stations via Ethernet, so you can play your favourite local and international content with crystal clear, uninterrupted sound. You can connect any storage device too, and effortlessly play mood music for any party or gathering in style.

Speakers are an important part of home cinema – after all, how else will you get the full effect of those dramatic sound effects when the hero saves the day? For those who want elegant and understated speakers that still provide powerful sound, we stock Harman/Kardon speakers that feature stunning transparent domes to house an impressive sound capability.

For those looking to impress with larger-than-life sound and appearance, the models we stock include the LG 460W HiFi system, which has Bluetooth detection capabilities, so you can give guests the option to play their favourite song simply by standing near the sound system. You will soon become their new favourite home DJ.

Cinema fans know the importance of getting the sound just right, to recreate the feeling of being in a movie theatre. To do this, you will need a powerful home theatre system, which is why many of the models at eHome carry 5.1 speakers.

Other than providing perfect sound for movie nights and series watching, sound systems are needed for those times when you want to relax with your favourite music on a lazy afternoon. Rather than listening to music on old-fashioned devices that play (gasp) CDs, you can upgrade with one of our stellar Stereo Receiver + FM Tuner combinations, that accept both iOS and Android devices for their remote apps.

Our LG and Samsung stock also provide DVD players, so you do not have to buy a separate device to play DVDs on. These brands are well known for their superior sound quality and chic exteriors, so you will not go wrong in choosing one of these as a new addition to your home theatre system.

Indulge in the best sound around and immerse yourself fully in the latest films, or your old favourites with eHome’s wide selection of speakers and home sound systems.