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We have a wide selection of microwaves for sale. A microwave is one of the most used technological innovations. It provides efficiency for those who are not dab hands at cooking, as well as a way for those who are to speed up some vital processes.

eHome stocks a wide range of microwaves, from brands such as Bosch, Whirlpool, Smeg and more. These brands are known as forerunners in kitchen technology, and the microwave models we have on offer for them are no exception.

Many of the microwaves available from eHome have features such as five different power levels, timers that go up to 60 minutes, grilling capabilities, and child safety locks. These modern microwaves are much more advanced than their previous counterparts, and are also more aesthetically appealing.

If you are concerned about a microwave looking bulky or out of place in a modern, sleek kitchen, eHome provides models to suit any kitchen aesthetic. Whirlpool offers unique, square microwaves with rounded edges that will match any minimalist kitchen and Smeg offers more traditional sharp lines.

For those who do not have the space for counter clutter, eHome has built-in microwave options to save space. These models fit seamlessly into your cabinetry, and can be placed at any height you feel is best.

A built-in microwave performs at the same level as a regular microwave, and some of the models we offer come equipped with features such as defrost-by-weight functions, dedicated pizza cooking functions as well as easy-to-clean surfaces.

Microwaves may be thought of by home chefs as being an easy way out of cooking, but these appliances have come a long way since being introduced as convenience tools. You can grill and even bake in some models, and if you have little ones who enjoy joining you in the kitchen, a microwave is less of a safety hazard for them to use.

Microwaves offer convenience for those times when you need to reheat food quickly, or if you have not been able to cook and have a ready-meal that needs to be heated in a short amount of time. These innovative tools offer another tool for your cooking arsenal, and with the modern technological advances that brands such as Bosch and Smeg have introduced, they are by no means an inferior appliance.

eHome understands that some people have a busy lifestyle that does not allow for slow-cooked stews or roasts, and so we stock microwaves the offer superior cooking features, while delivering on quick cooking times for those gourmet two-minute dinners.