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Any foodie worth their Himalayan salt knows the value of electric hobs. These ingenious appliances provide the ideal surface for whipping up culinary delights, and today’s modern models are even more energy efficient than previous years.

eHome stocks a variety of options from leading brands, such as Bosch, Siemens, Smeg and others. All of these popular brands design and create hobs that are stunning to look at and provide powerful features. They are sure to match any kitchen design, from modern chic to quirky retro.

One of the many benefits of an electric hob is how easy the surfaces are to clean. Many of the models on offer from eHome have ceramic glass tops, which are simple to wipe down, meaning that you will not have to dread cleaning up after eating your culinary delights. A messy home chef can simply wipe away any evidence of spills, maintaining the illusion of kitchen perfection for one more day.

The Bosch options we offer have nine-stage power settings for each zone, with residual heat indicators for each plate. The models offered by this brand are ideal for sleek, modern kitchens with clean lines.

If you are looking for a more unique aesthetic from your electric hob, Smeg is the way to go. This brand is known for its quirkiness, and eHome stocks two of their more interesting products, the deep-frying Domino hob and the Teppanyaki hob. Foodies, if you want to broaden your cooking horizons, these are the perfect choice.

An electric hob is a space-saving appliance. Rather than installing an entire free standing oven/hob combination, you can simply fit a hob into or on top of a counter. It will take up less room and because it is more flush with the countertop, will not create an imbalance to an otherwise seamless visual appearance.

eHome provides hobs to suit any needs. If you are simply looking for an extra plate for more cooking space, we offer two-plate hobs that are narrow enough for smaller counter space. For those looking for a full hob for creating delicious meals, we provide options with up to five plates.

Today’s electric hobs provide heat and temperature accuracy which is on par with their gas counterparts, allowing for the creation of impressive meals. So if you are a budding home cook or an experienced amateur chef, our selection is sure to surprise and delight you.