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Having the perfect hob to go above your oven or stove is essential in any kitchen. You can consider them as simple cooking appliances, but what oven and stove hobs truly do is bring together friends and family around heartwarming and home-cooked meals.

eHome offers both gas and electric hobs, so you can choose the right one to suit your current appliance arrangement. Gas hobs are highly economical, and provide near-instant heat. Electric hobs look elegant and chic in any kitchen, and the models we offer are all energy efficient too.

We stock brands such as Bosch, Eurogas, Smeg and Whirlpool, and many more. Each oven and stove has a long lifespan, and the electric options have easy-to-clean, glossy surfaces. These electric hobs are the perfect option for a modern, sleek kitchen that has clean lines and smooth surfaces.

If your kitchen has a more traditional look, a gas hob will fit in well. These appliances usually have more rounded corners and circular aspects as opposed to the refined lines of modern electric hobs.

A hob does not have to go directly above an oven, as it is not a full cooker, which is a combination of both in one appliance. If you are not one for baking or roasting, but find respite in cooking masterpiece meals, you can opt to have only a hob, and use the space where an oven would have gone for extra storage.

eHome offers electric hobs with high-gloss, ceramic glass tops which make for easy cleaning. These options are ideal for chefs who may cause a little mess while cooking and want to be able to quickly clean up, to hide any evidence that they may have spilled while making the perfect pasta sauce.

Our gas hobs are ideal for those who want to save electricity but still cook up a storm. They are available in one, two and four plate options, and we also offer gas grill hobs for those who want to grill vegetables or meat without the hassle of waiting for a fire to burn down to the right temperature.

Whether you choose gas or electric, the oven and stove hobs available from eHome will surprise and delight any home chef. The range we have on offer has features such as touch controls, child lock features and flame failure safety devices.

If you are an avid home chef or an experimental foodie, a hob will be the perfect addition to any kitchen. You can cook up a storm for dinner party guests, fry up a hearty breakfast for your family or create the ultimate midnight snacks for friends with an appliance that at first seems so simple.