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When you cook, you automatically create vapour around your kitchen and broader home space. That’s why it’s necessary to have a cooker hood to ensure that vapour is removed – not only vapour but also smell and grease that forms while you cook.

Cooker hoods either extract via ducting or recirculate the air by filtering it and reintroducing it as clean air back to the kitchen. The type, size and functionality of the hood you purchase depend on a variety of factors.

These include the size of your kitchen space, particularly the area around your stove, and the size of your hob. It’s always better to buy a hood that is as wide as your hob to get an efficient result out of it. The extraction rates vary according to the type of cooker hood but the bigger the hood, the faster the extraction rate.

The different types of cooker hoods require different installation processes; chimney hoods need to be mounted to a wall, island hoods need to be positioned above a kitchen island, and integrated hoods need enough space either behind your cabinet or in between two wall points. Your other option is the ceiling hood, which sits directly on your ceiling. These are great options for large kitchens.

If you have a small space, you’re looking at a canopy hood, which can be fitted in the space underneath your kitchen cabinet or a downdraft extractor, which fits on the worktop.

When you browse through this section of our online store, you’ll find all these types of cooker hoods for sale. They also come in different shapes, designs and colours to fit any aesthetics you already have in your kitchen.

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