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If you’ve been contemplating buying an extractor fan or replacing an old one, we can assure you that you’re on the right page. At eHome, we have a wide range of stove extractor fans for sale for you to choose from for your kitchen.

It’s beneficial to have an extractor fan above your hob to remove the moisture and grease before mixing it into the surrounding air in your kitchen and home. It’s overall effective in removing pollutants in the indoor environment.

When you take a quick browse through our selection, you’ll notice that we offer various stove extractor fans for sale. This can make it hard for you to know which one to choose. There are a few main things to consider; the size, mounting point and extraction method.

Our chimney extractor hoods give you a traditional kitchen look and are designed to be mounted to the wall. They come suited for ducted or recirculated, with varying extraction rates of between 380 m3/h, 530 m3/h, 580 m3/h, and 700 m3/h to ensure optimal kitchen air quality.

The canopy extractor hoods are designed to be concealed above the cooktop. They’re perfectly suited for kitchens with limited space. Alternatively, if you are pressed for space, you can choose a downdraft extractor. These are fitted into your kitchen worktop and popped up at a touch of a button.

If you have a large space, you can opt for an island extractor hood. These extractors come with attractive, sleek large designs. Or you can choose fully integrated extractors, which are just as sleek and can be fitted into an open space between existing wall units and can blend in with your kitchen aesthetics.

They all come in durable bodies, different colours and sizes to suit whatever fit and look you’re after for your kitchen. If you are looking for a new or cost saving cooking solution, view our range of gas stoves and gas cookers and gas hobs here.