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Showing 1–12 of 23 results

If you love cooking and baking, but do not love the electricity expenses that come with it, eHome offers full gas cookers as the ideal solution.

A gas stove does not compromise functionality or quality, and in fact is a highly efficient way of cooking. A gas cooker operates solely on gas, which means that it uses considerably less electricity than electric cookers.

Foodies and amateur chefs love gas cooking – getting the perfect char on roasted peppers is a breeze with a gas stove, and boiling water for pasta takes mere minutes as opposed to the long wait on an electric stove.

eHome stocks gas cookers from many major brands, including Totai, Bosch, Smeg and Meireles. These renowned brands integrate style into functionality, creating stoves that are chic enough to suit any modern kitchen.

If your kitchen is a minimalist’s dream, with neutral colours and clutterless counter tops, then you can opt for a white or black cooker, with a glass cover lid for a clean and sleek stove top.

For something more unique, we also stock bright retro red and cream gas cookers, which are perfect for chefs looking to spice up their favourite place in the home.

The options we have available come in small, medium or large sizes, catering for every kitchen. The small models can fit perfectly into a corner that is under-used in a smaller kitchen, and the medium to larger sized models are perfect for bigger kitchens where they can have pride of place as the heart of the home.

We offer cookers from top brands, meaning that the features are unique and exciting, such as wok burners and rotisserie turners. Each model we offer is equipped with safety valves, to ensure there is no concern over any possible accidents.

The models we offer mostly come with high gloss finishes, making cleaning their surfaces easier and more efficient. The glass cover lids also mean that they can be used as an extra surface if space is an issue in your kitchen.

The gas cooking appliances at eHome are all free-standing, they can easily be moved or rearranged to suit any renovations or remodelling of a kitchen, as well as being portable for any moving that can take place.

Ignite the spark of your love of cooking by choosing a gas cooker. Not only will you be saving money and electricity, you can impress your guests by whipping up a delicious feast in a much faster time than with an electric stove or cooker.