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A gas and electric hybrid cooker uses gas for the stovetop and electricity for the oven. This combination makes for a powerful appliance, with the efficiency of gas and the stability of an electric oven.

eHome provides options from brands such as Miereles, Totai and Smeg. These appliances are ideal for those who want to be able to cook with the speed and immediate heat of gas, but bake with the precision and temperature control of an electric oven. Think of combining a pastry chef with a line chef – precision and speed in one.

We offer gas and electric hybrid cookers that come with a range of features, including multi-function electric ovens with easy-to-clean glass doors and gas stove tops with enamelled cast-iron pan-supports for the ultimate in efficiency and luxury.

Not only do these appliances offer exceptional cooking quality, but they provide visual appeal too. Many of the options available from eHome come in chic silver and black, but we also stock the unique Smeg range which offers vintage cream, and the Miereles range which offers mint green and powder blue cookers. Choose one of these brightly coloured options to inject some colour into your kitchen.

A gas stove top is known for being highly efficient and allows for speedy heating and cooking, but a gas oven can be tricky for baking due to its affinity for condensation. If you are an avid baker, an electric oven is ideal. You have more control over the temperature, which results in the perfect rise for cakes, muffins and tricky soufflés.

A gas and electric hybrid oven is not a bulky appliance, and can be slotted into a corner for a smaller kitchen, or take centre stage in a larger kitchen. If you have a larger household and need an oven that can handle copious amounts of roasting, eHome has hybrid ovens that have impressive capacities of up to 72 litres.

If you are worried about having the aesthetic of having a gas stove top, many of the options we offer have glass lids to cover them after use. This makes them ideal for a minimalist kitchen that has sharp lines, as well as adding extra surface space.

A gas and electric hybrid cooker perfectly complements any serious chef or baker – and often these are the same person. Whip up the most indulgent dessert in a temperature controlled electric oven, and cook a quick snack for hungry guests on an efficient gas stove top with eHome’s huge selection of hybrid ovens.