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A cooker is an essential appliance for any kitchen, whether you use it daily or simply to reheat ready-meals. eHome has an extensive range that will tantalise any home chefs, no matter your level of ability.

We stock brands such as Bosch, Eurogas, Smeg and many more. Some of the features of these renowned brands include gas/electric hybrid capacities, ceramic hobs and multifunction thermoventilated ovens, as well as high energy efficiency ratings.

Any foodie knows the true value of the perfect cooker – after all, it is helps you to create culinary masterpieces. If you are looking for a cooker that offers the efficiency of gas with the reliability of an electric oven, eHome offers hybrid ovens that will meet every need and more.

A cooker does not have to be a simple appliance, but it can give a kitchen depth and quirk, such as the brightly coloured retro models from Smeg and Miereles. These options are ideal for kitchens with personality, but we do have more classical options for those who prefer a clean, modern aesthetic.

If you are searching for a cooker that does more than what you bargained for, we have options with added features such as rotisserie kits, grill plates, ceramic hobs with five cooking zones and much more. The cookers we offer are all highly energy efficient, which means that no matter how much you use them, they will not negatively affect your utility bill as much as older models.

Larger households mean more food needs to be cooked which also means that you will need more cooking surface. We offer 90 cm cookers that have up to five plates, which means that you can make enough food to go around. The more plates, the more functions each one has, and this allows you to try different cooking methods and dishes.

Cookers become the heart of the home, as they are where food is cooked with love, and sometimes frustration. If you are looking for a cooker that is easy to clean and maintain, eHome is the right place for you. Almost all of the cookers we supply have easy-to-clean, high gloss surfaces, so you will not have to worry about sticky fingerprints or sauce spills spoiling your beautiful appliance.

For smaller spaces, a freestanding combined cooker is a good solution for having more counter and storage space. To cook up a storm in a tiny kitchen, you will find that eHome has an array of options, from gas to electric, and hybrid cookers for the perfect balance. Explore the culinary world with our cookers, and see how delicious your kitchen can really be.