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Gas built-in ovens ideally fit into your kitchen, creating a neat and cleaner looking aesthetic. Gas ovens do not use electricity and require gas cylinders to operate.

Gas built-in ovens are perfect for a modern, energy efficient home. They can be installed seamlessly into your cabinetry for a neat aesthetic.

The gas built-in ovens on offer from eHome are highly energy efficient, as they require a gas cylinder to operate and use no electricity. This also means that they provide the efficiency of gas, and will heat up at a faster rate than an electric oven.

Gas ovens are ideal for avid home bakers, and those who enjoy lazy Sunday roasts, full of flavour but made with little effort. The gas allows for perfect temperature control and a speedy reaction time, which makes these ovens highly popular among home chefs and foodies alike.

eHome stocks gas built-in ovens from brands such as Bosch, Elba and Glem. These renowned brands are known for their premium quality gas appliances, and their built-in ovens are no exception. Each one has a flame failure safety device, and each brand has unique features which are sure to impress even the most experienced cooks.

Bosch’s gas built-in ovens offer a full-surface grill/broiler and a max rotisserie, ideal for those who enjoy impressing their friends and families with perfect roasts. Their ovens are also equipped with catalytic side liners, which turn grease and grime into tiny particles which can easily be wiped away.

Elba’s options from eHome offer an efficient minute minder, for when you want to get your cakes baked just right. Their ovens come with a glass door, making for easy cleaning and an overall sleek aesthetic. The features include a rotisserie kit and a pastry dish, as well as a cooling fan.

eHome also stocks gas built-in ovens by Glem, a popular gas appliance brand. Their ovens have tangential cooling fans, keeping the oven cooler on the outside and eliminating condensation in the kitchen while baking. Their rotisserie kit is ideal for any foodie looking for a new cooking technique, and the ovens also come with a shiny, high gloss exterior for easy cleaning.

If you are in search of an oven that gives perfect results every time, without using too much electricity, the eHome gas built-in ovens selection is the perfect place to look. We offer options that can fit into both small and large cabinetry spaces.

A built-in oven provides more flexibility than a freestanding oven, as you can set it at any height you like. Not only do gas built-in ovens look amazing, their efficiency and energy saving abilities will make you want to spend more and more time in the kitchen.