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Showing 1–12 of 48 results

Built-in ovens are designed to fit perfectly into a kitchen wall, providing a seamless and neat look to your kitchen area.

Built-in ovens are designed to fit seamlessly into a kitchen wall, for a neat and uncluttered aesthetic. They are the ideal appliances for modern kitchens that have an airy feel, as they do not take up as much space as a freestanding oven.

eHome offers brands such as Bosch, Candy, Whirlpool and more. All of these renowned brands offer exceptional quality products that maintain their energy efficiency levels regardless of being built-in.

For those who enjoy baking and roasting, but want their ovens to still look sleek and minimalist, we have options in chic shades of silver, black and white. But these built-in ovens will not look out of place in a more traditional looking kitchen, as they are elegant enough to match any decor or aesthetic.

Built-in ovens come in both single or double options. A double built-in oven allows you to simultaneously bake and roast more than one item at the same time, which is ideal for those who have large families who may have to cook large amounts of food at once.

eHome offers both gas and electric built-in ovens, so you are able to choose the perfect option to suit your needs. Our gas options have flame failure safety devices, as well as child safety lock features to ensure that no little ones are able to open them while in operation.

Each model has high gloss, glass exteriors to make for easy cleaning. This is ideal for homes with little children or for messy cooks who need to quickly wipe down surfaces before guests arrive. Not only are these efficient to clean, but they are also highly aesthetically appealing and can match any kitchen design and cabinetry.

Whether you are looking for a smaller oven, or one that has a higher storage capacity, you will find the right one with eHome. We offer ovens with up to 70 litres of storage capacity, so if you are in need of a large oven for the perfect tagine or an impressive cake, we have the right fit for you.

Built-in ovens can be installed at any height, so if you are taller, you will no longer have to bend low to put in or pull out oven dishes, and shorter people will not have to strain to reach too high ovens.