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Summer in South Africa is a magical time. People flock together to enjoy the weather and socialise. We spend a significant portion of our summer outdoors. Whether we’re gardening, lazing by the pool or enjoying a braai, we find ourselves outside in the fresh air. But, we all know how harsh and scalding the African sun can be. For this reason, we need some sort of cover when we’re not inside. Well, we have the perfect solution.

At eHome, we offer you a selection of the highest quality outdoor and patio umbrellas. Our selection of Woodline umbrellas will have you covered whenever you step outside for that summer gathering. We guarantee they’ll throw some serious shade your way. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the selection we offer. From 1.8m to 4m, we have one with exactly the amount of shade you need.

Not only do we have a variety of sizes, but we also offer standard and cantilever options. Perfect alongside your outdoor or patio furniture, the standard outdoor umbrella has a centre pillar. But, if you need an umbrella that casts a shadow without being a centrepiece in your outdoor decor, the cantilever items are your best bet. With the support pillar on the side rather than in the centre, these don’t have to form part of your outdoor furniture arrangement. Whatever the case, we have the highest quality option.

So don’t let your outdoor events be ruined by the blazing sun and squinty eyes. Rather ensure your comfort by getting an outdoor umbrella. And if you’re worried about it being an eyesore, don’t be. Our range of outdoor and patio umbrellas are not only functional but incredibly stylish as well. And do you want to know the best part? We’ll deliver to practically anywhere in the country. That’s right, you can have this level of style wherever you are! And what’s more, we’ll beat any competitor’s price on the same product. So you really don’t have any reasons not to stick around with us.

You love spending time outdoors but don’t like the constant sun, right? We have the perfect solution. Take a look at our range of outdoor and patio umbrellas perfect for those days spent by the pool or around the braai. Click on one to read more about it and if you like what you see, add it to your cart.