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The hardest part about the winter season is the inability to enjoy the outdoors. Let’s be honest; there are some nippy summer and spring nights too, after the sun goes down, resulting in a temperature drop. It is for this reason that we believe every household deserves to have patio heaters.

They provide the necessary comfort that you need when you still want to enjoy some time outdoors – whether you are having a hearty dinner with family or simply enjoying drinks in the company of your favourite people.

At eHome, you’ll find patio heaters that offer effective outdoor heating from safe sources that cut carbon dioxide emissions by 80% compared to gas patio heaters. They’re also a fuel-efficient and cost-effective option as they come in a patented carbon fibre heating tube, which significantly reduces the running costs.

They provide a four meters heating distance on a 130-degree heating angle, with an infrared heating capability. This is the only form of heat that does not blow away.

Our patio heaters come in a robust aluminium and P55 weatherproof design that makes them ideally suited for rainy weather. They’re sure to enhance your outdoor space and experience.

Other features include an overheating sensor, tilt switch, thermal fuse, four hours run time and automatic switch-off after four minutes when there is no movement within three to four meters in front of the heater. This capability is activated by the PIR (Passive Infra-Red) feature.

Have we mentioned that they’re completely child friendly? If your little ones love running around the patio, they can do so warmly and safely.

It’s also worth a mention that they’re freestanding heaters. So, should the need to move them around arise, it wouldn’t be a problem.

Shop our patio heaters for sale today to continue to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends.