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Braaing – South Africa’s national sport – can be done on either gas or charcoal braais. If you are a purist, you will most likely always prefer a charcoal braai over a gas braai, as charcoal provides that authentically burnt (sorry, caramelised) flavour that South Africans know and love.

eHome stocks braais from brands such as Weber, a brand known for their superior grilling products. The models we offer include features such as fire and rust-resistant lids and bowls that are made from steel and porcelain enamel, a built-in lid thermometer, weather resistant wheels and much more.

For those who are looking for the next enormous thing, we stock the exclusive Ranch & Cart Kettle model. This charcoal braai is perfect for when you have a large party of guests over, and need to cook each piece of meat to perfection. It has a 98 cm diameter, and triple plated hinged cooking grates. The large size means that you can even offer vegetarians a space for their food, away from the meat (if, in fact, you invite vegetarians to your braai).

These charcoal braais are easy to clean and maintain, with innovative one-touch cleaning technology from Weber. This means that rather than spending hours cleaning your braai, as you simply move the vent back and forth with the handle, you move the ash into the ash bucket. Remove the ash bucket, throw away the ash and replace. This gives you more time to relax after hours of braaing perfect meat.

If you enjoy braaing, but are concerned that a charcoal braai might clash with your carefully chosen exterior decor, eHome offers models that will suit any colour scheme or style. We have options available in black, crimson, slate, smoke and ivory. For a more neutral exterior setting, ivory or black are ideal while crimson and slate are perfect for a brighter, quirkier style.

Because the Weber braais we offer have lids, you can even use them to braai in a covered area, as the smoke will not be released and will not annoy anyone. You can braai on the patio, and relax in your favourite recliner while waiting for the meat to reach the perfect temperature.

These braais are also lightweight enough to move around without too much hassle, meaning that you can move it from storage to wherever you are setting up for the day, whether it is poolside or on the grass. All models are equipped with glass reinforced nylon handles and hooks, for extra durability.

Show your true South African colours and choose from eHome’s extensive charcoal braai collection. Unite your family around a fire and see how exciting outdoor cooking can really be.