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Pastry chefs, new and legendary; you’re up! Transform the way you design and bake beautiful and tasty creations with a one-of-a-kind range of stand mixers built to make your pastry life easy. Redefine the art of cooking and baking with eHome’s stand mixers and enjoy the amazing benefits that come with the convenience of owning a stand mixer. With a stand mixer, you get more than what you anticipated. Because they come with their own mixing bowls, your kitchen experience will be a less messy one. Our stand mixers also have different speed and power levels, meaning you can control how fine you want your mixtures. Since they are electrically operated and much more powerful than normal food processors and whisks, our stand mixers give you mixing, whisking and whipping results in little to no time. Speaking of whipping, whisking and mixing, our stand mixers also come with plug-ins and other attachments, meaning you will make more than just cake mixes. You can create pasta, pizza dough, your favourite ice cream, and so much more.

Create those beautiful combinations or become the pastry perfectionist you believe you are with our stand mixers. We stock a wide variety of popular brands, including Smeg appliances. Enjoy different colours and take advantage of the amazing technology that the Smeg mixers and juicers offer you. We know you and your kitchen will both love them.