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Juicing your fruits and vegetables lets you contain the fibre and nutrients your food has and converts them into liquids that will not only offer you health benefits but amazing taste too. It’s like drinking fruit, just better. Juicers help you create drinks that offer the following benefits:

– Increased Vitamins and Minerals in Your Diet.
– Potential Weight Loss.
– Increased Energy.
– Decrease Inflammation and Reset Your Body.
– Protect Against Disease.

With our juicers, you can also make some baby food if you have a little one that hasn’t mastered solids yet. Tell us that’s not killing two birds with one stone?
At eHome, we have the perfect juicers to help you turn any fruit into an amazing drinking sensation. Let’s take a look at what our juicers can do for you and your loved ones:

– You not only get juicing options but can also process food.
– Our juicers have a 1L juice container and a 1.6L pulp container.
– You score recipes with each one and can access about 12 different combinations.

So, shop your juicer today from brands like Smeg, or make it the perfect wedding gift for the amazing couple in your life. You both deserve the wholesome goodness that comes with owning one.