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What would waking up without the smell of fresh coffee be like? A terrible thing, most likely, and so it is vital that all coffee connoisseurs have at least one coffee machine in their kitchen.

eHome understands how important coffee is to the smooth functioning of any day, and so we have a wide selection of some the most well-known coffee machine brands including Miele, Bosch and Smeg. These popular brands manufacture some of the highest quality coffee machines, which produce coffee that is worthy of even the most discerning coffee drinkers.

A coffee machine is more than a simple appliance, and has been created with both functionality and aesthetic appeal in mind. The Miele range on offer from eHome is available in black or white, with stainless steel accents, which will look gorgeous in any modern kitchen.

Smeg offers clean sharp lines in ice white and silver mirrored glass. These are ideal for a large kitchen that has ample room for a bigger coffee machine. Their coffee machines are simple and uncluttered, for those who want to enjoy the purity of roasted coffee beans without complicating the taste or process of creating the perfect cup of coffee.

The models we offer each has a range of unique functions, including a hot milk spout, milk frothing addition, innovative heating systems, one-touch preparation methods and the ability to adjust the intensity of the coffee levels. Any coffee lover will be surprised and delighted by the models we have on offer and their huge range of offerings.

If you have a smaller space, you do not have to forgo your daily grind, as we stock compact units for smaller kitchen spaces. These compact units operate on the same high level as their larger counterparts, but are able to fit into a smaller corner or counter top. Have the perfect coffee indulgence, no matter the size of your kitchen.

Having friends over who love coffee as much as you do is always a fun experience, but you can enhance this by choosing from our selection of coffee machines. Rather than offering every guest the same beverage, let them personalise their cappuccinos and macchiatos with the perfect amount of hot milk or foam.

A coffee machine is more than an appliance, it is a reason to wake up in the mornings, and it provides fuel to those who need it most in the afternoons. Gone are the days of having to wait until you arrive at the office to get quality coffee – choose from the eHome range of coffee machines & coffee grinders and bring caffeine luxury to your home kitchen.