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A great grinder has the ability to transform your coffee experience from the inside out. Your coffee becomes more flavourful and delicious, changing your whole perspective of coffee. You’ll be able to determine your coffee’s flavour and strength. Plus, you’ll be able to brew coffee that rivals your favourite coffee shop. And tell us that doesn’t sound like fun? We’ll wait. A great-tasting cup of coffee is produced from whole coffee beans that are ground within a few minutes of brewing, so you can get it started while you get ready to start your day.

Wake up and smell the coffee every morning with our range of beautiful and stylish coffee grinders. Experience the finest flavours from all around the world with our grinders that will give you lots of options for that java-juice flavour. Choosing the right coffee grinder can feel like a lot of work. Which one does what? What size do you need? Don’t you worry, all these questions can be answered at eHome – easily.

We have colour options that can give everyone – bold and subtle – a kitchen with lots of flair, personality and flavour. With a wide range of Smeg appliances for sale from our online store, the Smeg coffee grinders are designed to be user friendly and give owners convenience at the touch of a few buttons. We know the last thing you need right after waking up is making coffee and having to worry about what goes where or which part gets removed to be washed. So we’ve ensured we stock grinders that come with removable uppers and bases that make it easy to clean, plus they offer different sizes and levels of grinding. So, whether you are into fine, medium or coarse coffee grains, you can grind them to your personal perfection.

Get a coffee grinder and coffee machine from eHome and make your espressos or americanos in any and every size. It’s yours, you choose.