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Living in a country that has such extreme weather, we need a way to control the temperature of our homes to a degree that makes life bearable. This is why air conditioners are so useful and popular.

eHome stocks highly useful and efficient Defy portable air conditioners. These appliances are able to be moved from room to room, so you can cool down or heat up a specific room without using as much electricity as fixed air conditioners.

There are both 9000 BTU and 12000 BTU options available. Both are highly energy efficient, and offer dehumidifying functions and active carbon filters. These features are highly helpful for people who suffer from allergies but who would also like to feel the cooling effects of an air conditioner.

A portable air conditioner is ideal for a smaller space or for a granny flat, as it is small enough to save space but powerful enough to provide effective heating and cooling. Both models available from eHome have an automatic temperature control, which allows you to “set it and forget it”.

These appliances have a built-in thermostat that detects and monitors the current temperature and causes the air conditioning unit to pump out cool or hot air until the set temperature is reached.

You will not have to worry about a loud air conditioner when using one of the modern and technologically advanced models from Defy. These models are quiet enough to use when you are trying to relax with a good book or simply doze off on a lazy afternoon. They are also lightweight and easy to carry, so you can move it from room to room without breaking a sweat.

Both portable air conditioners offered by eHome come with remote controls, making changing the temperature of any room easy and efficient. You can turn the cool air up with the simple click of a button, or make your room extra toasty in the cold weather just by pointing a remote.

Without the cooling power of an air conditioner, the heat of summer can become unbearable, but eHome is here to rescue you. Our portable air conditioner options will make those hot days a breeze, and they can warm any sized room when the winter winds blow harshly.

Make your house a home with perfect temperature control. Choose from our Defy air conditioners and feel how truly relaxing a summer afternoon can be.