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Side pieces that add peace to your home.

Are you obsessed with side tables as much as we are? Do you enjoy the convenience of having your favourite book sitting under your favourite lamp next to your bed? What about having a throne for one or two of your plants to be on display in your studio or home? Side tables offer you stylish convenience, letting you safely place your important belongings and up your decor game. Well, you don’t have to worry about knowing the art of picking a side table. At eHome, there is something for every home. Shop our range of side tables that come in different shapes and sizes to offer you the perfect addition to your lounge suite or bedroom. There are metal side tables that will add a touch of elegance to any home without you having to over-decorate them. There are wooden side tables that come in different shapes and have a range of different finishes – from glass to metal. And for a more oaky look and feel, there are side tables that also offer the type of finishing touch that speaks volumes without being too much. There are square, rectangle and round-shaped side tables at eHome. If you like things in pairs; there are also a few (read: a lot of) options to choose from, which you can style by either pacing them both in one spot to house your plants, pictures, and other decor or having them complement each other across your living room, between your bed in the bedroom, on opposite ends in your office and more.

With side tables, you also get the convenience of placing some important everyday essentials such as coasters and ashtrays for guests, so they don’t ruin your good-looking furniture, and the colours are simply to die for. What are you waiting for? Upgrade that home and add the perfect side piece to it. Your future self will thank you for it.