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Whoever said there is no such thing as the perfect ottoman clearly hasn’t seen our range. Come witness the beauty with a range of options in ottomans that will leave you wondering how many you’ll be able to fit in your home.

Picking out an ottoman isn’t just about taking whichever one you see first. You’ve got to carefully select the perfect ottoman that is going to complete your home’s entire look and add a little flair to your space. Lucky for you, eHome has options galore. Choose from leather ottomans to ones with both leather and fabric if you like a little uniqueness. And if you are leaning towards something that feels a bit more afro-centric, then animal printed ones are available too. You also have options on which shape is the best. Maybe think of it this way, is your ottoman going to sit in a corner? Then you might have to think about a square-shaped one, or maybe you plan on putting the ottoman in a central view, which then means you might have to consider buying a round one.

The lovely part about most ottomans is that they do not immediately absorb liquids and stains should you, unfortunately, spill. If you do spill, what usually happens is that the liquid will stay on the ottoman and give you a bit of time to get a cloth to pat the liquid off before it could absorb into it. Leather ones often let the liquid slide off the material, and that is a saving grace if you ask us. Another thing to note when picking an ottoman is, is it complimenting the rest of your furniture? Even if your ottoman does not look like the rest of your furniture and your lounge suite, it could be a nice little colour and design break to give your home that added twist. After all, who wants to be predictable, right? Browse our range of ottomans for sale and get free delivery when you order online from us.