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The dining room area is a space where people can get nourishment. You want people, be it your family or guests, to feel extremely at ease while having a great meal and great conversations. To achieve that you need to have the best dining room table and chairs available.

For the table, you’re looking to choose the right shape for your dining room. In most homes, you’ll find rectangular dining tables because the design of the dining room is usually rectangular. The biggest advantage of having a table in this shape is that it can seat a large number of guests.

If your family is large or you’re a small family that likes to have people over for lunch or dinner or any special occasion, you’re going to like the space capacity a rectangular dining table provides. When you browse through our dining room furniture section, you’ll notice that we have rectangular dining tables made from reclaimed sleeper wood, with a metal base.

There’s an important element to remember when choosing dining room chairs, the size. Considering that you need them to fit around your dining table, you have to ensure that you choose the right size chairs. Of course, you also have to consider the design and style of the chairs.

At eHome, we have a variety of dining chairs. We have full leather Java chairs with armrests and full leather victor chairs. These leather options offer a classic retro look. But also durable and easy to clean seater.

We also have fabric rainbow chairs on wood support. These chairs are cosy and offer the necessary cushion while seating. They come in neutral colours such as grey, beige and brown.

Choosing a simple minimalistic feel with only one chair type is great when you’re after a sophisticated dining room space. You can also mix and match different chairs if maximalism is your go-to look. This is also a playful way to bring some fun to your dining space. Whatever you choose to go with, never compromise on quality.

That’s exactly what you can expect from eHome products and if you buy any of our dining room furniture pieces, we’ll deliver them to you for free.