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Decor is a focal point that grabs the attention of everyone who walks into the room. It has a huge impact on how a room looks and feel. This is why it’s always a good idea to choose quality over quantity. Less is more!

There are many decor options to choose from, depending on the taste and aesthetics you’re going for as well as the placement area. Taking into consideration that the decor pieces come in different textures, colours, and sizes.

If you’re after a rustic flair that adds warmth to your space, then our range of metal and glass wall clocks with operating mechanical gears are right up your alley. We also have other metal clocks with operational decorative mechanical gears.

They bring in the best of both charm and functionality. They are all durable decor items you can keep for as long as you still need them.

If you enjoy an illuminated space, you’ll love our sets of three metal and glass lanterns. Or the full metal sets of three lanterns. These options are vintage style inspired with small contemporary elements that give them a warm and attractive edge. They are great for filling with any candles of choice. But they’re also perfect for filling with plants or flowers.

We also offer sets of metal planters that you can hang against your wall to give it a bit of character. They are great alternatives to clay pots and wooden planters. They are light, durable and ready to help your plants grow beautifully.

If you like serving food in elegance, whether for yourself, family or guests, you’ll love our metal and mirror trays set of two. They’re a must-have essential in your home. They have multi-uses. You can place them next to your coffee station or use them on your coffee table to anchor your arrangement or to serve food for visitors.

At eHome, we have just the decor items you need to accentuate your home. We’ll deliver any of these for free when you purchase from us!