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One of the most important decor decisions you’ll have to make is buying a coffee table for your living room. But it is usually a decision that is made after you’ve already decked your space with sofas, TV units and other decor elements.

Then how do you choose the right one when there are endless options, especially when you look at the eHome catalogue?

Take a look at your existing aesthetics, what’s on the trends list and what needs you’re looking to meet. Are you after traditional, classic or a contemporary table with a vintage feel? Are you considering storage space, or are you only after an elegant coffee table that adds flavour to your living room? What about the height of the table?

We’ll tell you one thing for certain; you’ll find a wide range of coffee tables for sale that fit all of these factors on our online store.

If you’re looking to bring warmth into your space, we have coffee tables made out of quality and long-lasting wood. This includes wood coffee tables with metal runners and drawers to help you maximise your storage capacity. We have wood trolley tables on metal wheels that provide you with a classic look.

We also have coffee table sets of two made from wood, metal and tempered glass tops made for that much needed dramatic effect in your space. Plus, glass coffee tables are always on-trend, so why not give it a go? When you continue browsing through our collection, you’ll also find coffee table sets of two with wooden tops on metal bases.

If you prefer coffee tables with edgy designs, you’ll love our solid wood top on gold metal base tables or the metal and wood occasional tables. Finally, you have the option of solid marble coffee tables with a metal base. They have a drum-like look that will make them standout pieces in your living room space.

Making a smart choice with your coffee table is crucial to ensuring your living area is a comfortable space for you and your family. The above options are guaranteed to help curate precisely the kind of space you desire. You’ll get delivery on us when you buy any of our coffee tables for sale.