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Chairs are the most important furniture purchases you can make for your home. They are available in different shapes, sizes, styles and colours. You choose chairs according to where you’re going to place them and the purpose you need them to serve.

Some are designed for extreme comfort with armrests for you to use when you need to relax. Some are designed purely for luxury, with a contemporary flavour. Others are designed as statement pieces chosen mainly for their decorative value. Whatever the purpose you’re after, all chairs can add a bit of needed drama to your decor.

We have traditional full leather chairs with armrests and small patterns that give them an edge. These come in rich, dark and earthy hues. They can fit anywhere you need them to, be it your bedroom, living room or study room.

We also have butterfly chairs for sale available. These chairs are designed with simplicity in mind, boasting a sling of fabric draped over a steel frame to bring in that relaxed, hammock-like look. They add a fun element of seating options. They’re comfortable and perfect for anyone looking to relax with a source of entertainment in close proximity or even with a book in hand.

We offer metal wicker chairs that are lightweight and suitable for patio seating. These patio chairs provide durability and functionality that is necessary for enjoying the outdoors.

Alternatives to these metal wicker chairs are leather and wood bench-like chairs and full metal chairs that match with full metal tables. The leather and wood chairs give a rustic look perfect for the outdoors. On the other hand, metal is also a durable material that provides outdoor aesthetic benefits. So, the full metal chairs can perfectly handle the outdoor environment. They’re also perfect for when you’re hosting a small party with kids involved.

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