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Look at you upgrading your kitchen and getting a bigger fridge. Give yourself and your family the gift of long-lasting fresh food with one of Drommedaris’ fridges for sale that are armed with the most advanced technology and style. We are happy to show you around some of the options we have, what you can get your hands on and what works for you.

Let’s start with the simple build of a side-by-side fridge. It offers more space for you to store your food and has double the freezing capacity. If you run a business that needs frozen foods at all times, you can invest in a side-by-side full freezer so that your goods stay in the condition they are meant to be. What’s also great about our side-by-side fridges is the different settings that will ensure that no food gets compromised.

While they may be large, our side-by-side fridges save energy too, plus water and ice dispensers that make things easier for you to manage and monitor your water intake. Some of our amazing fridges also have the all-around cooling system that cools every inch of the fridge evenly from corner to corner. Cold air is blown out through multiple vents on every shelf level to maintain a constant and optimal temperature. There are lots of different colour options, from brands like Smeg and Bosch, that will help you complete your big kitchen look or help you grow your business with ease. Also, enjoy little things like dairy guarding features and builds in some of our fridges, which help you store dairy products and things such as wine and protect them from spilling all over the fridge. So, take advantage of our side-by-side fridges and fall in love with your new kitchen look.