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Side-by-side fridges are essentially wider than usual fridges, split in half, with one half being the fridge side and the other being the freezer side. The doors open from the centre rather than the side, which means les space is required to open the fridge doors.

Fridge/Freezer combinations are a classic appliance, seen in kitchens worldwide. These vital appliances are usually split width-ways and the fridge is usually at the top with the freezer at the bottom but this can be flipped in some models.

A fridge/freezer combination is a narrower fridge, which makes it ideal for smaller spaces or for minimalist kitchens that are devoid of clutter. Their narrow size makes them perfect for slotting into corners that are unused in a kitchen.

eHome provides a diverse range of options from popular brands such as Bosch, Samsung and Whirlpool. These brands are known for designing and creating appliances that are technologically advanced and stylish. You will be spoiled for choice with our selection of fridge/freezer combinations.

A fridge/freezer combo offers ample storage space but does not overcrowd the kitchen. Some of the models we offer come in classic colours, such as white, silver or black but others come in retro, funky colours and designs, such as pale blue, mint green and orange. If you are looking for a refrigerator that can brighten up a minimalist kitchen, we have more than enough options to choose from.

Every fridge/freezer combo model we stock is energy efficient, meaning that not only will your kitchen look beautiful but your fridge will save you money on your electricity bill. Some offer no frost freezers, which means that you will not have to waste precious weekend hours on defrosting a freezer. You can spend your time doing something more entertaining, such as cooking up a storm in your beautifully appointed kitchen.

eHome’s fridge/freezer combination selection includes models that have impressive storage capacities of up to 557 litre volumes. These larger options allow a bigger household to store the daily essentials, while still keeping the kitchen minimalist and modern.

For a smaller space or for a cottage, a fridge/freezer combination is an ideal solution to space saving. It uses vertical rather than horizontal space, freeing up room for counters or other appliances.

If you are looking for retro lines and designs, our extensive Smeg options will surprise and delight even the most discerning tastes, while the clear, angular designs of Bosch will fit perfectly into a modern chef’s paradise.

A simple appliance like a fridge can introduce character and creativity into a kitchen while also providing an essential function. Choose from our extensive range and spice up your life with a fridge/freezer combo that suits your style.