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Every kitchen needs a refrigerator and a freezer. It’s a simple fact, but choosing a fridge or freezer is not so simple, especially when you consider how many options eHome has to choose from.

If you have a large household, or a growing family with little ones who need constant refuelling, then opting for a fridge/freezer combination is the best choice. This combination usually means that the fridge has a large amount of storage and shelf space, perfect for keeping those healthy snacks within easy reach.

A fridge can be more than just a simple appliance, it can provide a decorative element too, if you choose one in a bright and interesting colour like those by Smeg. The rounded lines offered by some brands also provide a unique aesthetic to the kitchen.

If you are living in a smaller space that has a smaller kitchen, you could look into a bar fridge. These smaller fridges can fit either on top of or underneath kitchen counters. They are perfect for saving space while also providing a place to store food and, of course, beverages. This is also an ideal option for entertainment spaces.

eHome also stocks built-in/under units, which are ideal for those wanting a minimalist kitchen. These units can be built into or under counters, and this option is available for both fridges and freezers. You will not have a standing fridge taking up space in your Zen kitchen, but will still have a place to store food for your culinary artistry.

Fridge/freezer combinations can have freezers at the top, or freezers at the bottom. All models that we offer have ample storage space, with some models offering features to eliminate the need to defrost freezers and crisper drawers for the ultimate fresh fruit and vegetables.

If you are looking for a larger option, why not choose a side-by-side fridge/freezer combo? The models we have available provide more than ample storage space, as well as each one being highly energy efficient and eco-friendly.

Fridges and freezers are not only places to store food and beverages, they can also be focal points and provide a splash of colour to an otherwise neutral space. Let your creativity take the lead when choosing a built in fridge or a stand alone fridge, and see how much fun you can really have in the kitchen.

An integrated refrigerator is an interior designer’s dream, as it integrates seamlessly into the cabinetry in the kitchen. They are concealed behind a cabinet door that matches the rest of your kitchen, providing a clean, modern aesthetic.

eHome offers several selections from popular brands such as Smeg, Siemens and Bosch. All of the integrated refrigerators from these brands are of the highest quality and style.

An integrated fridge does not have to be small or separate from a freezer. We offer integrated fridge/freezer combinations, so if you want the convenience of a combined refrigerator without having it on display, you are able to do so.

Integrated refrigerators are popular because they can blend into any decor choice, as you simply fit them into your cabinetry. This is an ideal solution for those wanting a seamless, Zen kitchen that is both spacious and eye-catching.

Under-counter fridges and freezers are also commonly chosen for this purpose, as they allow you to utilise wall space for other storage or decor in your kitchen, rather than having a standing fridge taking up room.

You may be wondering whether you will be able to fit an ample amount of food into an integrated refrigerator, especially if you have a larger household, but the models on offer from eHome certainly do not skimp on size or capacity. Some of the under-counter fridges have an impressive 138 litre volume, while the full fridge/freezer combinations have impressive 280 litre capacities.

For foodies who want to store unique foods but are dubious about how well an integrated refrigerator performs, you no longer have to doubt this. All models from eHome are made by internationally renowned brands, known for their superior fresh food storage, so you can install an integrated unit and have a foodie heaven in a sleek and chic kitchen.

If you need extra fridge space but do not want to buy another full fridge to put in your kitchen, an integrated refrigerator is a good option. You can install one under a counter top for easy reach of any extra vegetables or produce.

The kitchen is the centre of any home, but it does not have to look disorganised or cluttered. A built-in fridge introduces a modern and unique aspect to a kitchen. They perform on the same level as stand-alone fridges but will not take up valuable storage space.

Choose from our fantastic selection to create the perfect trendy kitchen with clean lines and modern finishes.