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A Chest Freezer is a freezer shaped like a chest with a door that opens by lifting up. It is suitable for people who have a lot of goods to freeze and have the space to store a freezer.

A chest freezer is a large, freestanding freezer that is an ideal solution for those who need extra freezer space and have the room for an extra freezer.

They can be used for storing extra supplies or solely for essentials such as frozen party foods or for those Saturday afternoon spontaneous braais. They are wider than conventional freezers, and so will need more space, but are an asset to have in any household.

eHome has a wide variety of chest freezers available, with every model being energy efficient. The options we offer are both functional and stylish, able to match the colour scheme of any space they are in. A chest freezer is not usually the focal point of a kitchen, but with our options, you will be able to include it in any room no matter the style.

If you are someone who enjoys buying frozen goods in bulk, but do not have the storage capacity for your frozen vegetables or emergency ice-cream stash, then a chest freezer is the perfect choice.

Not only will a chest freezer save you space, but it will save you money too. eHome stocks models with impressive storage capacities, which you can use for storing weekly or monthly frozen meal ingredients that you have pre-prepared. This will save you from having to go grocery shopping on a daily basis, as you will have meals that you can simply thaw out and prepare.

Sometimes, you may over estimate the amount of freezer space your standing or integrated freezer has, which causes you to purchase more goods than you can store. This is when a chest freezer comes in handy, as it can be used to store the excess purchases.

Modern chest freezers now come standard with child safety locks, to prevent children from being able to open them with ease, as is in their curious nature. It will also prevent them from taking food out unnecessarily.

Our diverse range of chest freezers provides the ultimate in functionality and aesthetic appeal. These modern appliances are quieter than their older counterparts, so you will not have to hear the sound of a freezer constantly running in your garage or wherever you have chosen to place it.

Another excellent use of a chest freezer is to store ice for those hot days when you have guests over for poolside cocktails. On sweltering South African summer days, nothing cools better than an ice cold drink, but if you run out of storage space for ice, then your party will be a disaster.

Never run out of space again, choose from our selection of stellar chest freezers and store more of the essentials with ease.