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Living without a refrigerator is impossible for any modern-day household. For as long as you have a goal to keep food in tip-top shape, you will always need a fridge in your kitchen! But is there a need for a blast chiller when you have a freezer?

A freezer holds food at below-freezing temperatures, and it may take hours to cool or freeze a food item. Another important fact worth a mention is that you shouldn’t put hot food inside a standard freezer.

You’re benefiting from a specialised food temperature cooling system that ensures that the temperature of your food is lowered significantly at a faster rate. Blast chillers use potent fans to distribute cold air evenly and in a circular motion throughout the cavity, passing over the surface of the food items.

Blast chilling your food helps lengthen the shelf life of your food. They also limit bacteria growth, which means you get to retain the quality and nutrients of the food items near to the condition they were in when they were fresh. Whether you’re freezing the food for later use or simply cooling it for immediate consumption, the results are similar.

At eHome, we have the best blast chillers available for purchase. They are from luxury brands like Smeg and offer top-of-the-range technological innovations that improve food cooling and freezing capabilities.

When you browse our blast chillers section, you’ll find that they’re multifunctional and versatile domestic tools well worth the addition to your kitchen. They’re perfect for households and can help with your day-to-day kitchen management, saving you time and minimising wastage while still allowing you to eat food of the highest quality.

The Smeg options come with an elegant design, with a decent black eclipse glass with copper trim that can integrate well with your kitchen aesthetics. They have a stainless steel interior with three levels, five functions and a touch control display. Other notable features include a cooling probe with a thermometer, language settings and child lock for child safety.

Pick your favourite and prepare to cool and freeze your food with peace of mind!