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This is an essential for households and bars. That’s because bar fridges are super functional and are compact to fit nicely into a small bar area or a designated area in your kitchen. Not to mention how aesthetically pleasing they are.

The ones we offer from the sought after luxury brand Smeg have a funky 50s design boasting an Italian flair. They come with thick metal handles, soft-lined and rounded edges, and vibrant pastel colours with a glossy finish that will make you want to put on a show, dim the lights, and let the fridge sparkle in its colourful charm.

With all that said, you certainly do not have to worry about how they will fit with your decor, and they’re guaranteed to catch the attention of your visitors.

If you value a chic style and live a semi-exclusive lifestyle, you will want to get your hands on any of our Smeg bar fridges. Their greatest features include two adjustable glass shelves along with two main accessories; a bottle holder and a separatore lattine. They also have a static cooling system and built-in LED interior lighting, which serves as an energy-efficient and long-lasting way of illuminating the appliance’s interior.

As you can tell, these one-door bar fridges do not compromise on functionality. So, if you like a well-lined bar fridge with all sorts of drinks neatly packed for easy access, these Smeg fridges are perfect for you.

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