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When the weather is a bit crispy or even straight out freezing, everyone yearns for inviting warmth. A roaring fire from a fireplace always does the trick. Many people made sure to buy a house with a traditional fireplace, with a chimney, in the old days.

Most modern homes do not have one, which is not a big deal because we have a solution. At eHome, we offer a wide range of streamlined and ventless modern Godin freestanding fireplaces for you to choose from. Of course, having a variety of options can be a little overwhelming. You simply have to trust your taste and look out for a fireplace that seems more practical for your needs.

Our fireplaces are cast iron built and operate on wood-burning fuel with front or top loading options and manual air regulation capabilities. They are available in various shapes and sizes to blend well with any design aesthetics in your home. They also come with different heating volumes and functioning run times. So, whether you’re a minimalist or a maximalist, you’re guaranteed to find a suitable fireplace option to melt the cold away.

They’re exceptionally well built and are exactly what you need to heat your space for comfort no matter what setting you’re looking for – whether it’s to spend quality time with your family or to make romantic memories with your significant other. Or perhaps, you’re after dreamy solo moments where you crack open a bottle of wine with a book in hand. The choice is yours.

Rest assured that our freestanding fireplaces can be placed in any central position in your lounge to ensure that you can enjoy a toasty environment wherever you choose to sit. We’re all fired up to bring you much needed heat from a reliable and energy-efficient resource that also saves you a couple of bucks in electricity bills. Plus, it will be your saving grace on days when the power is out.

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