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A washing machine is an essential appliance for anyone who does not have the time to hand wash their laundry. They provide an efficient way to remove stains and to ensure that you have enough clean clothing to wear on a daily basis.

Washing machines come in a variety of options, from top loader to front loader, as well as those that offer dual washing and eco-washing features.

Active Dualwash is a feature of the Samsung washing machines that eHome stocks, and this feature enables you to hand wash delicate items or pre-treat heavily stained clothes before putting them into the washing machine.

If you are looking to keep your laundry room as stylish and modern as the rest of your house, we supply options that have clean lines, with colours to suit any colour scheme. We also offer integrated models, which can easily be closed out of sight if you do not want your washing machine on display.

It is often an overlooked appliance, but a washing machine can offer style as well as functionality. The brands we offer include Smeg, Whirlpool, Miele and Bosch washing machines, and many other popular brands. All of these names ensure that even a simple appliance like a washing machine looks good.

eHome understands that larger households will have larger loads of washing, which is why we stock a variety of washing machines, from 7 kg to 18 kg load options. You will not go wrong with any of these options, as any size is more than capable of providing perfectly clean clothes with every wash.

For households that are keen on energy efficiency, many modern washing machines have high ratings and perform at a level that uses less electricity than those that are not highly rated. These energy efficient washing machines also run quieter than usual which makes doing laundry a more pleasant experience.

If you have a laundry room or area that needs a rounded washing machine as opposed to a square one, you will be able to find one with eHome. We have options to suit any room size and angle, so you do not have to compromise on space or style.

Is there anything better than the feeling of freshly washed and sun-dried clothes? Laundry does not have to be a chore, find out just how luxurious a washing machine can be with the extensive eHome selection.