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A washer-dryer is a washing machine that has a built-in dryer. It is an ideal space saving solution for those who do not have space for both appliances, but who still want to be able to wash and dry their laundry.

The washer-dryer units that eHome stocks are manufactured by brands such as Samsung Bosch and Siemens, all of which are known for producing superior quality appliances.

The washer-dryer models that these brands provide all have features that enhance efficiency and the quality of the wash and dry cycle. These include a 6 kg washing capacity with 3 kg drying capacity, high energy efficiency ratings, child safety locks, eco-wash functions and much more.

If you are looking to upgrade your current washing machine and tumble dryers, but find that you simply do not have the space for both in your current living situation, then a washer-dryer is ideal. You can fit this appliance into the same space that your washing machine was in, without having to find room for another appliance.

Not only do the models on offer from eHome provide exceptional washing capabilities, they are also water and energy savers, due to the fact that you will only be operating one machine for two functions.

If you are concerned about the appearance of a washer-dryer, and how it will affect the look of your laundry room, eHome stocks models that are integratable into any cabinetry or cupboard space. You will not have to try to match a washing machine and dryer to your laundry room, but can rather install the washer-dryer into the cabinetry and close it away when not in use.

Some of the models eHome stocks have up to 12 washing programmes, so you are able to wash your elegant silk garments at the right temperature, or change your child’s muddy clothes from dirty to sparkling without shrinking anything.

You will also find that many of these washer-dryer combinations are nearly silent when in use, which makes doing laundry a pleasant experience. Rather than having to listen to the sounds of a rattling appliance, you will be able to listen to your favourite smooth jazz while sipping on wine, waiting for the laundry to finish.

A washer-dryer is notably gentler on clothes and does not shrink garments as a tumble dryer often does. Give your clothes the best of both worlds by choosing from eHome’s collection of top-quality washer-dryers.