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Cleaning your home is often not a fun or endearing experience – it takes time and effort, which are likely both lacking at the end of a long day at work.

However, this chore is made easier with the aid of a vacuum cleaner. These small appliances are highly popular among those who do not enjoy cleaning but who like to have a clean home. eHome has a wide selection of vacuum cleaners, including brands such as Swiss and Miele.

Vacuum cleaners come in a variety of options, from upright models to robot options. The upright options are great for small spaces, as they can be stored in a cupboard out of the way when not in use. If you are looking for a more powerful appliance, eHome also stocks canister vacuum cleaners, which are known for their impressive suction power on both tiled and carpeted floors.

The vacuum cleaners available from eHome all have unique and useful features, such as nozzles for upholstery, air filters to reduce dust, brushes designed specifically for removing pet hair and many more. Many of these vacuum cleaners are lightweight, which makes them easy to maneuver while cleaning in difficult places.

If you want your appliances to match the same sleek, modern aesthetic of your home then you will be pleased to find that the options eHome has available are all visually appealing and are available in colours which will suit a minimalist colour scheme as well as a brightly coloured one. We have models in bright yellow and red, perfect for those who want to inject some fun into cleaning their home.

Pet owners know how difficult it can be to properly remove fur and dander from carpeted floors and furniture. Your pets may be deeply loved, but their shed fur is certainly not as popular. We have vacuum cleaners that are developed specifically for cleaning up pet fur from Miele. These models are equipped with a turbo brush for removing hair, an air filter for diminishing unpleasant odours and a long cord for those hard to reach places.

For those who want a clean house without having to do any work, eHome offers the robot vacuum cleaner. These devices can be set to clean at certain intervals, and have an intelligent design which prevents them from bumping into corners while moving around the house. These appliances will fit perfectly into a tech-lovers home and are chic enough to match any contemporary interior decor.

Vacuum cleaners are more often than not the last item on a shopping list, but with eHome’s exciting selection you can make cleaning fun again.