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Everyone loves that feeling of freshly dried, warm clothes or bedsheets, but hanging these out in the sun to dry can be a gamble, especially in seasons where rain can come at unexpected times.

To get this cosy feeling without having to brave the weather, you should invest in a tumble dryer. eHome stocks a wide range of tumble dryers from brands such as Bosch, Whirlpool and Smeg.

These popular international brands provide quality functions combined with an elegant appearance, to please anyone who may be concerned about the aesthetic appeal of an appliance. eHome offers models with clean, straight lines to suit a modern, uncluttered laundry room as well as rounded, softer models for more traditional decor.

Many of the tumble dryers we offer have features which trap moisture and fluff while caring for all fabrics during the drying process. This feature ensures that your clothing or linen will not pill or feel damp when you take it out of the dryer.

Some models have innovative features which dry your clothes in a softer, more delicate manner. This ensures that there is no shrinkage of garments. Putting in a large shirt and pulling out a shirt that could be worn by a child is not something that builds popularity for tumble dryers but the models we offer have technological advances that prevent such accidents.

Many tumble dryers now have child safety locks, so you will not have to worry about your precious little ones climbing into the drum to explore the shiny new appliance. Along with this feature, the modern dryers we offer are all quiet while running, allowing you to dry your clothes without an oppressive noise in the background.

If you have a busy household, getting laundry out to dry can be a difficult and often highly time-consuming task. A tumble dryer can eliminate the hassle of having to find space for the laundry that needs to be dried.

For a larger family or household, there are 9kg dryers that can handle bigger loads, while maintaining the quality and shape of each garment. These dryers are not bulky, despite their bigger size, and will still fit into a modern laundry room.

Get the satisfying feeling of sun-warmed bedsheets and clothing without having to constantly worry about whether it is going to rain or not. Choose from the extensive eHome tumble dryer selection and see how pleasant laundry duty can be.