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Your home is your sanctuary, and nothing beats the feeling of your sanctuary being clean, fresh and well-kept. From washing machines to dishwashers and even vacuum cleaners, eHome has everything you could ever want and more to keep your home looking spick and span at all times. Affordably so.

For the Laundry Side of Things

Ensure that you and your family’s clothes are clean and taken care of with top-of-the-range washing machines that offer the latest technology and convenience. From top loader washing machines to front loaders. If you enjoy the beauty of washing and drying, you can score yourself one of our washing machine tumble dryer combos, or you can opt for the more wash-and-spin type of machine and let your clothes air dry. No more worrying about shrinkage or your clothes being ruined; our front and top loader washing machines have a wide range of settings that can accommodate a lot of different materials, settings and time constraints.

For Dishes

No one seems to like standing by the sink every day, so why not invest in a dishwasher for you and your family? We offer options on options, and our free delivery is non-negotiable. Shop one in the colour and size of your choice and kiss the sink goodbye. A tip when using a dishwasher, you may want to load it and let it fill up before washing as opposed to washing every item or set of dishes as they come. This saves both electricity and water, and you get to have enough time to do other things in the house.

For Cleaning

Keep your home, office or space clean at all times with our range of vacuum cleaners. Depending on the size of your house or office, there are lots of options to choose from, and their flexibility will ensure you reach all corners and even underneath the furniture. Let us walk with you through picking the best vacuum cleaner that is easy to operate and has different settings for different functions.

Our cleaning appliances are also energy and water savers, so there won’t be a need to worry about that.