Three Quarter Mattress (107cm)

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Showing 1–12 of 26 results

Three-quarter mattresses are the perfect in-betweener of the mattress world. They are not as small as a single mattress, or as large as a double mattress. To quote a favourite bed-time story, they are just right.

eHome stocks three-quarter mattresses from popular brands such as Rest Assured and Cloud Nine, known for providing excellent support and superior comfort. Both brands integrate amazing features into their mattresses, such as interlocking coils for added support, memory foam for a firmer core and non-toxic fabric to cover the foam.

If you are looking for a mattress to suit a taller person, we also stock extra length mattress in sizes up to 107 cm. These are ideal for a growing child or teenager who needs that extra little bit of room for their weekly growth spurts.

The three-quarter length mattresses available from Rest Assured are equipped with a continuous interlocking coil system and soft foam for a firm yet luxurious night’s sleep. You can experience ultimate comfort while resting easy in the knowledge that your back is fully supported while you sleep.

Cloud Nine offers mattresses that have been endorsed by the South African Chiropractic Association. They are created with five layered viscoelastic and high-density polyurethane foam for a strengthened core and is covered with a micro-quilted damask cover for ultimate softness.

Smaller spaces benefit from beds that fit into awkward corners or that do not take up as much floor space as double beds. A three-quarter mattress is perfect as part of a bed set, and you will not have to organise the room around the bed. Your bedroom will still look and feel cosy, even if it has a smaller bed in it.

Many of the models we offer are No Turn mattresses. This feature saves you from having to worry about the hassle of having to frequently turn a heavy mattress. These mattresses also come with fabric that is hypo-allergenic and suitable for those who are sensitive to certain chemicals.

eHome knows that a good night of sleep is ideal for a positive and productive day. Choose from our selection of three-quarter mattresses, some of which are made for heavier people or those looking for a more sturdy mattress that is still comfortable.

Let us whisk you away to dreamland on a mattress that is made to fit and support your body. Choose a mattress from our selection and pave your way to perfect sleep.