King Mattress (183cm)

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A King mattress measures at 183cm wide and 188cm long. Extra length models are available at 200cm. A king mattress sleeps two people perfectly, with plenty of space for comfort.

A king mattress is possibly the largest mattress size available, and is perfect for those who want to spoil themselves with a spacious mattress that has both support and comfort. eHome stocks models that provide both, from renowned brands Rest Assured and Cloud Nine.

Rest Assured uses innovative interlocking coil technology to create a firm, supportive core for ultimate spinal care. Their foam is soft, so you are not compromising on comfort when investing in a mattress from this brand. Some of their models are available in extra length options, which are ideal for taller people.

Cloud Nine is one of the few mattress brands that has been endorsed by the South African Chiropractic Association. Their mattresses are made with supportive layers of viscous-elastic and high-density polyurethane to create a reinforced core for unrivalled spinal support. Coupled with soft foam for comfort, these king sized mattresses are an absolute dream to sleep on.

A king sized mattress can be used as part of a bed set for a minimalist space, or can be easily fitted into a bed frame that matches your bedroom aesthetic. Whichever you choose, you will be getting comfort and indulgence with support that allows you to wake up feeling revitalised and refreshed.

If you are looking for a mattress to support heavier weights or that is more stable, we offer options from both brands that can carry extra weight. Rest Assured offers their Weightmaster mattress, and Cloud Nine has their popular Lodestar model available. Both options carry up to 130 kg, and offer reinforced cores for stability and support.

Each mattress we supply has a No Turn feature, which means that you will not have to worry about the difficult task of turning a heavy mattress on a regular basis. They are also produced with non-toxic materials, which makes these mattresses ideal for those with sensitive skin or fabric allergies.

The extra width and length of a king mattress makes them a popular choice for larger houses, as the bedrooms can often fit a sizeable mattress. If you are looking for the perfect mattress that can fit you and your partner comfortably, a king sized one is ideal.

Many of the models that we offer have a no movement transfer feature, so no matter how much you may move in your sleep, you will not wake your partner, or dogs and cats. Choose from the extensive eHome selection and see just how comfortable a mattress can truly be.