Double Mattress (137cm)

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A Double mattress measures 137cm wide and 188cm long. Selected models are available at 200cm extra length. A double mattress is comfortable for two people to sleep.

A double mattress is ideal for two to sleep comfortably on, or for one to spread out on with extra room to spare for pets. At eHome, we stock premium double mattresses from brands such as Rest Assured and Cloud Nine, both known for creating premium quality mattresses.

The mattresses from Rest Assured that we stock have innovative interlocking coil technology, which allows for extra durability and a firm core. Their mattresses are also made with memory blue-gel foam for a soft and luxurious sleep.

Cloud Nine comes with an endorsement from the South African Chiropractic Association, meaning that they are ideal for those suffering with back pain while sleeping. Their mattresses are made with multi-layered viscoelastic and polyurethane foam layers for a firmer core and more durable product. They are covered in a soft fabric for a comfortable sleep.

Double mattresses can be used as part of a bed set, or can be placed on a bed frame that matches your bedroom’s aesthetic style. These mattresses are perfect for a growing child or teenager due to their bigger size, and we offer extra length options for taller teens and adults.

Many of the mattresses we offer are No Turn mattresses, which means that you will not have to worry about frequently turning a heavy mattress. Both brands also use non-toxic materials in their products, which is perfect for those who may have sensitive skins or have allergies to certain fibres.

If you are looking for a mattress that can hold extra weight or has a more durable and firm core, you can choose from the Weightmaster mattress from Rest Assured or the Lodestar from Cloud Nine. Both can hold weights of up to 130 kg, and their reinforced cores offer the ultimate spinal support.

A good night’s sleep can work wonders for your body, and with modern innovations, you are able to get just that. Stretch out on a double mattress that does not transfer movement to your partner, or spoil yourself with a mattress all your own. A double mattress is perfect for guest bedrooms too, as they are not too large to fit into a smaller room but are large enough to feel luxurious and special.

Choose from the wide selection of double mattresses available at eHome and treat yourself to a supportive yet soft sleep. Wake up feeling refreshed and revitalised, ready to take on the world… after your first cup of coffee that is.