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A mattress is the most important element of any bed, as it provides a comfortable and soft place to sleep. They also offer back support for those who need it when lying down.

eHome provides numerous mattress options from well-known brands, Cloud Nine and Rest Assured. We know how important it is to find the perfect mattress for a good night’s sleep, so we have a wide selection to suit all needs and bed sizes.

If you are looking for a single mattress that both supports your body but also provides comfort, Cloud Nine offers No Turn single mattresses with posture support with high-density buoyant polyurethane foam layers for a soft yet firm feeling, and soft covering for the ultimate in sleeping luxury.

For those who need a double bed that can handle the weight of two adults, Rest Assured offers double mattresses with their unique infinity coils that provide durability and firmness while supporting your weight. These mattresses are also soft enough for a comfortable and restful sleep, as they are covered in satin-like fabric for a luxurious finish.

A mattress can make or break a bedroom – after all, we spend a large amount of our time in bed, asleep or simply relaxing. If you have a hard and uncomfortable mattress, you are most likely not getting optimal sleep. Lack of sleep can have serious negative impacts, which is why we provide such a diverse range of mattresses with unique comfort features.

Every mattress we sell gives one more person a peaceful and satisfying night of sleep. We have options to suit even the tallest people, including mattresses that are able to carry extra weight. If you are looking for the ideal mattress for your child’s room, we have lightweight options that are durable enough to be used for any child’s bed – even if they decide to use the mattress as an indoor trampoline.

eHome knows that your bedroom should be a place of comfort and rest, which is why we provide multiple options to choose from. For a mattress that maintains its shape even after you have gotten up, we offer models that mould to your body, and then return to their original shape. These models also offer little to no motion transference to your partner if you move frequently in your sleep.

Here at eHome, we have never met a person who doesn’t love their bed, so we provide the ultimate in support, luxury and comfort. Choose from our wide selection of mattresses, and find out just how long you can sleep for.