Three Quarter Bed Set (107cm)

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Sometimes, you need a bed set that is not as small as a single but not nearly as large as a double – this is when a three-quarter bed set is the ideal solution.

eHome offers sumptuous models from brands such as Rest Assured and Cloud Nine, both of which are known for their comfort and superior back support features. All mattresses that are offered with these bed sets are made from non-toxic materials, suitable for those with allergies or skin that is sensitive to certain fabric fibres.

A three-quarter bed is perfect for medium to large sized rooms, as they provide a larger sleeping surface but do not take up too much space. They are popular with teenagers and older children, as their size provides room to spread out but the bed set itself does not add clutter to the floor space needed for activities.

The Rest Assured models are made with innovative coil technology, namely double-tempered and Matrix Continuous coil units. These coils are created to give a mattress more durability when there is extra motion, as well as a comfortable place to rest your body. Not only will your mattress feel as soft as a pile of feathers, it will provide much needed back and body support throughout the evening.

Cloud Nine is known for their creative bed technology, and the models we provide from them all come with a No Turn mattress which is created with high-density buoyant polyurethane foam layers. This provides a strong core which offers support during the night, so you wake up feeling fresh and rested.

Three-quarter beds can accommodate taller people, and eHome stocks models that are up to 107 cm in size, allowing for a spacious yet space-saving mattress. They are ideal for growing children, or for a guest bedroom that needs a bigger sleeping space for taller guests.

A three-quarter bed set allows for more space saving in a small to medium bedroom, as you will not have to fit in a bulky bed frame or headboard. You can cover the base of the bed set with a cover, sheet or frill, and this can be matched to the colour scheme of the room to provide a synchronised and streamlined look.

Choose from eHome’s diverse selection of three-quarter bed sets, and make your bedroom even more comfortable and cosy. Sleep away the stresses of the day and wake up on the right side of the bed.